Space sharing enhanced by blockchain technology to ensure transparency, decrease fees, and provide incentives.


Space Sharing
On Blockchain


Decentralized Space Sharing powered by blockchain technology. PolkaTrail ensures transparency, decreases fees, and provides incentives to the users of the application. PolkaTrail application will enhance and improve the traditional traveling services such as AirBNB.

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Planning is A part
of adventure now

Plan your adventure

Create custom trip, invite your friends, vote
for properties to find the right one just for your needs.

One app for all purposes

Easily switch between host and guest views and
observ the most important information you need.

The most advanced filtering

Personalized filters will adapt to your search
history and make your journey even easier.

In-App Messaging

Track your reservation status while you’re
discussing trip with friends and split the bill
while you’re completing your booking process.

Zero Transaction Fees

With the benefit of blockchain implementation, PolkaTrail does not charge any transaction fees. All rental fees are transaction fee-free.

Full Featured Dashboard

PolkaTrail will provide a full-featured dashboard for hosts to automate their property management. With enhanced features and blockchain implementation, hosts can enjoy a seamless experience.

Tokenized Rewards

Earn tokenized rewards for reserving travel plans. Unlike other traveling agencies, use tokenized rewards just like cash.




PolkaTrail is interconnecting the physical and virtual space through blockchain technology. Using blockchain technology, PolkaTrail allows for fractionalized real estate investment, transparent billing and interconnection of virtual and physical spaces.

Polkadot is an open-source blockchain platform with developer-friendly features such as fork-free upgrades, interchain connectivity, and Polkadot compatibility. PolkaTrail is developing on Polkadot to utilize one of the fastest growing public blockchain platforms.


NFT Farming


Stake PolkaTrail for City Points. Users can farm city points on a daily basis proportional to the staking amount of PolkaTrail. With City Points, users can collect rare, retro city cards and trade them on the NFT marketplace.

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Community-CentricPolkaTrail DAO

PolkaTrail Holders can participate in PolkaTrail DAO for decentralized governance. The DAO will make decisions on community proposals to improve the PolkaTrail Platform and Protocols.

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PolkaTrail Token

PolkaTrail Token stands at the core of economic transactions within the services and platform. Use PolkaTrail to book accommodations, farm NFTs, or participate in governance.

Total Supply: 1,000,000



Soowhan Doh

Former gaming company CEO, Soowhan is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20+ years experience in gaming and application development. Doh is set to build PolkaTrail as the next pioneering blockchain platform bridging physical and virtual reality.

Andrei Dan Stangaciu

Full stack developer, Andrei is an experienced developer leading developments for dapps, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Andrei also has an extensive experience with NFT programming.

Jaehyoung Lee

Graduate of Yonsei University, Jaehyoung has a n extensive experience with the law. With his understanding of regulations and law, he is helping PolkaTrail to provide compliant services globally.


May 2020

Market Research & Blockchain Research

September 2020

Application UI/UX Design

Q1-Q2 2021

Presale & Exchange Listing

Q3 2021

Application Beta Release

Q4 2021

Governance Implementation

Q1 2022

Fractionalized Real Estate Investment


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